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Gymea Pre-Kindergarten prides itself on our light filled open play spaces and large natural outdoor environment. Our facilities are modern and purpose built to provide children with an enriched learning environment full of opportunities. The children are surrounded by both manmade and natural resources and equipment. 

We believe that children need a wide variety of toys and resources to enhance their interests and learning, thus resources are regularly rotated and purchased as needed. 

Our open planned natural playground features large tress providing shaded play spaces for children without the use of heavy structures.
In our large outdoor playground, the children and educators have worked with Bunnings to create community vegie patches. the Children take care of these gardens by watering, turning the mulch and picking the produce. 

This produce is sampled by the children, used in cooking experiences and offered to families to take home and use in their cooking. This is a great resource for the centre which helps the children understand the importance of caring for our environment.